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Kelly Leigh Metzgar is a renowned expert in LGBTQAI+ education, advocacy, and inclusion, dedicated to providing comprehensive training and professional development opportunities for organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.

Kelly is a transgender woman living in the Adirondack North Country of Upstate NY, and is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Adirondack North Country Gender Alliance, based in Saranac Lake, NY. She is a co-founding board member of Gender Equality NY (GENY).

In today’s diverse and evolving world, understanding and supporting LGBTQAI+ individuals is essential for creating inclusive and affirming environments. Kelly’s training programs are designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to foster LGBTQAI+ inclusivity, respect, and allyship in their respective fields.

Through interactive workshops, seminars, and consultations, Kelly addresses a wide range of topics related to LGBTQAI+ identity, culture, and experiences. From terminology and language to best practices for creating LGBTQAI+-affirming policies and practices, participants gain practical insights and strategies for promoting diversity and equity.

Kelly ‘s approach to LGBTQAI+ training and professional development is rooted in empathy, authenticity, and a deep commitment to social justice. By engaging with participants in meaningful dialogue and reflection, she empowers individuals and organizations to create positive change and build more inclusive communities.

Whether you’re a business leader, educator, healthcare provider, or community organizer, Kelly’s LGBTQAI+ Training and Professional Development programs offers valuable insights and resources to support your journey toward LGBTQAI+ inclusivity and allyship.

Kelly believes in allowing Transgender, Gender Non-Binary and all LGBTQAI+ people live as their true and authentic self. To end the stigma that there is “something wrong” or unacceptable in being LGBTQAI+. She seeks to educate the public on gender identity / expression and sexual orientation issues, to promote understanding, acceptance of LGBTQAI+ people in all aspects of life including in schools, society and employment on the job.

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Kelly is involved in Transgender, Gender Non-Binary, Lesbian, Gay, Bi/Pansexual and Intersex advocacy for several years speaking and providing professional development training programs at regional colleges / universities, regional religious, civic and business groups. She’s presented at Transgender and LGBTQAI+ conferences on both the New York State and National levels. She actively participates in events focusing on LGBTQAI+ and Transgender rights legislation issues including the passage of Gender Equality Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) in New York State.
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Some Professional Development Training Sessions

Adirondack Health – Saranac Lake, NY
CaresNY – Albany, NY
Clinton Community College – Plattsburgh, NY
Empire State Pride Agenda – Equality & Justice Day – Albany, NY
Families First of Essex County – Glens Falls, NY
Iroquois Healthcare Alliance Association – Utica, NY
Joint Commission Economic Opportunity – Plattsburgh, NY
Keystone Transgender Conference – Harrisburg, PA
North Country Behavioral Health Network – Lake Placid, NY
North Country Community College – Saranac Lake, NY

Northern NY Hospital CEO Group, NY Hospital Assoc. – Lake Placid, NY
Paul Smith’s College – Paul Smith’s, NY
Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference – Philadelphia, PA
Plattsburgh ARC – Plattsburgh, NY
Plattsburgh Central School District – Plattsburgh, NY
Plattsburgh Unitarian Universalist Fellowship – Plattsburgh, NY
Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce – Saranac Lake, NY
State University NY – Plattsburgh Campus
Town of Harrietstown – Harrietstown, NY